12.20.090 - Park rules.

The following rules apply to all users (paying guests and day users) of the Coulee City Campground and violation of these rules is subject to civil penalties and/or ejection from park:

  1. Pets are to be kept on a leash at all times.
  2. Pet owners are responsible for picking up and appropriately disposing of their pet’s waste.
  3. Pets are not allowed in the swimming, playground, or picnic areas.
  4. Riding horses in the campground, walking trails, or beach area is not allowed;
  5. No running, pushing, or other unruly conduct on the beach and/or swimming area;
  6. No throwing rocks in or into the swimming area;
  7. Swimming outside of the designated swimming area is prohibited;
  8. Feeding gulls in the park is prohibited;
  9. The posted speed limit of five miles per hour within the park must be observed at all times.
  10. Motorized vehicles (does not include golf carts) which satisfy the statues of “street legal” may be operated within the city park, only on designated roadways, in compliance with all park rules.
  11. Motorized vehicles (other than emergency vehicles) are not permitted on any walking trail, beach, or grass areas.
  12. Golf carts are permitted but must be operated in compliance with all park rules and CCC 10.09.
  13. No fires of any size are permitted in a location other than a designated fire pit.
  14. Littering, burning garbage, or leaving garbage in fire pits is prohibited;
  15. Burning pallets is not permitted in the park.
  16. Dumping of garbage in park garbage cans by anyone other than park users is not permitted;
  17. Campground users are required to register and pay within one hour of selecting their campsite;
  18. Checkout time is 1:00 pm;
  19. Guests staying for more than one day have the option of paying for the full length of the stay upon arrival or prepay for each night’s stay no later than 1:00 pm;
  20. Once selection is paid, no refunds will be issued, and campsites may not be transferred or moved.
  21. Quiet time begins at 10:00 p.m. for camping areas and sundown for day use areas.  Any repetitive, reoccurring, or unnecessary noise of any kind which disturbs the peace of other park users prior to 7:00 a.m. and after 10:00 p.m. daily is a violation;
  22. Loitering near or climbing on restroom or bathhouse structures is prohibited;
  23. All minors in the park during designated “quiet times” must be accompanied by a parent or guardian;
  24. Using profane or obscene language against another park user, park host, or city employee will not be tolerated;
  25. Destroying property owned by others shall be subject to contact by law enforcement;
  26. Any conduct which interferes with the lawful use of the park or swimming area by others is prohibited.