Facilities & Rates


**Campground is open!**

Use the Kiosk Paystation to purchase camping, boat launch passes, or trailer dump station services.

Our Campground is first come, first serve... We do NOT do reservations!!

We accept Credit/Debit cards & US Currency only.  Please note, our machine does NOT give change.




  •   FULL HOOK-UP SITE:                 $ 40.00                                                  Kiosk install
    • Winterized Rate                 $ 30.00
  •   DRY SITE:                                      $ 25.00
  •   ADDITIONAL TENT, each:           $ 15.00
  •   EXTRA VEHICLE, each:              $   5.00



  •   PER DAY:                                       $   5.00



  •   PER USE:                                       $   5.00



  •   DAILY PASS:                                    $   5.00
  •   ANNUAL PASS:                               $ 30.00


12.20.050 - Self-pay rules.

Guests are to register and pay within one hour of parking in their campsite.  Guests staying for more than one day have the option of paying for the full length of the stay upon arrival or prepay for each night’s stay no later than 1:00 p.m.  Guest shall not connect to any full service utilities until the site has been paid for.  Once selection is paid, no refunds will be issued, and campsites may not be transferred or moved.


12.20.120 - Wastewater dump site.

  • It shall be unlawful for any person to utilize the wastewater dump site at the Coulee City Campground without depositing the established fee.
  • It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to utilize the wastewater dump site in the Coulee City Campground without using an appropriate hose to connect any wastewater tank to the tank provided at the wastewater dump site.
  • Any person found using a camp site connection to avoid paying the dump fee, sharing the dump station door code, or altering the locks that interferes with its operation, shall be guilty of a civil infraction and liable for a civil penalty as defined in this Chapter.
  • Water at the wastewater dump site is non-potable. Water shall not be used to fill camping units or containers, or for drinking or domestic purposes.


12.20.130 - Garbage Dumpsters.

Dumping of garbage in facility garbage cans or dumpsters by anyone other than park users is not permitted.  Illegal dumping shall be reported to law enforcement and prosecuted as theft of services.


12.20.150 - Boat launching fee.

Except for campers who have registered and paid the proper camp fee, it shall be unlawful for any person to launch a boat or other water vessel at the Coulee City Campground without depositing the established fee and clearly displaying either the Daily Boat Launch receipt OR Annual Boat Launch Pass in the vehicle’s windshield.  An Annual Boat Launch Pass good for the calendar year may be purchased in the park for the established rate and redeemed at City Hall while still legible.  Any person found to be in violation of this section shall be given the choice of purchasing a daily or annual pass, or paying a civil penalty.  Discover passes or other facility launch passes are not valid.

Frequently Asked Questions

PARK HOST: 2024 Season, April 1 to October 31

PARK HOST: COULEE CITY CAMPGROUND, WA seeking Park Host to spend the 2024 season, April 1 to October 31, at our campground on beautiful BANKS LAKE. Full hookup site provided. EOE. Obtain application: www.couleecitywa.org or by contacting: tcoulee@odessaoffice.com